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Tha Nun Seashore & Beach

The Nun Beach - Tha Nun Seashore

Tha Nun, a seashore and raft pier, is home to fresh seafood sources in Tha Nun Village, Khok Kloi, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province. It is an area with relatively abundant marine life could be found. Furthermore, this seashore serves as a viewpoint to see the beautiful sunset.

Besides being the closest point to Phuket Island, Tha Nun is also the location of the Sarasin Bridge, the first bridge connecting the mainland of Phang Nga Province with Phuket Island in the Thai Andaman Sea.

It is on the opposite side of Pak Phra Beach, Ban Tha Chatchai of Phuket. In the past, Tha Nun was a car ferry port for ferrying to Phuket Island. In the days when there was no Sarasin Bridge.

Tha Nun Beach is another popular tourist destination in Phang Nga. This fine white sandy beach is sloping and covered with pine trees. The area offers fresh, delicious seafood restaurants that are sold at affordable prices.

Ban Tha Nun, an eco-tourism community, is suitable for tourists who want to explore and experience the local fisherman lifestyle. Sea turtles lay their eggs on the seashore in this village every year.

During the high season of the Andaman, the sea in this area is delightful; tourists and general passers-by will stop by to relax, buy souvenirs, and take in the views, making the atmosphere lively.

As for activities, one can enjoy relaxing, eating at seaside restaurants, buying souvenirs and seafood from the community, and taking a commemorative photo at the Sarasin Bridge. The locals tend to come picnicking, fishing, strolling, exercising, and sailing.

Where to Buy Souvenirs and Dried Seafood

The thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Tha Nun: souvenir shops sell a variety of dried and processed seafood such as crispy shrimp chilli paste, cicada crab, ching chan fish, organic fish, salted fish, and dried fish.

Moreover, you could see crispy fish, stingrays, mackerel, rice fish, shredded shrimp, dried shrimp, squid, sea bream, snakehead fish, Ryukyu fish, scallops, sweet fish, sweet clams, and shrimp paste.

And of course, popular southern desserts include Khanom Tao So, cashew nuts, cake, pineapple, bitter bean, Chaiya’s salted egg, and many more.

It is suitable for buying as souvenirs for family and relatives. If you purchase in bulk, you will get a special price. The food sold here is both retail and wholesale.

Most shops here offer delivery services nationwide via vans, buses, and popular logistic companies. Some stores have promotions for free delivery to the front of your house, particularly during Thai festivals.

The sellers here are kind, friendly and able to negotiate, and many shops can contact via LINE and Facebook.

How to get Tha Nun Seashore

From Phuket, cross the Thao Thep Kasattri Bridge (Route 402) over the Pak Phra Strait, then after getting off the bridge, if you turn left, it will be Ban Tha Nun Marine Products Center.

To go to the beach, you must drive to the U-turn area to make a U-turn, continue under the bridge, slow down the car, and turn right to the beach.