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Samet Nangshe

Thai and foreign tourists have renowned and said by word of mouth that if you come to Phang Nga province, don’t miss this famous Samet Nangshe Viewpoint.

Many people are probably familiar with and have heard of it when talking about the notable check-in point in Thailand and that they should visit it once in a lifetime.

The viewpoint of Samet Nangshe situates amidst the embrace of nature’s romantic atmosphere in the cool air on top of a hill in the Hin Rom in Tambon Khlong Khian (Takua Thung District), which opened as an attraction for tourists in 2016.

This landmark spot covers the beautiful scenery of Phang Nga Bay, and the main highlight is the spectacular sunrise over the islands, mangrove forests, and Andaman’s limestone mountains.

With a 180-degree view, making it a popular site and is considered one of the most stunning sunrise viewpoints in southern Thailand.

The uniqueness of this place is the scene of the island forest above Phang Nga Bay, where nature creates like a painting. Especially when the sun slowly appears, and a golden glow hits the seawater – and even more impressively, if lucky enough at the exact moment, to see fisherman boats sail from the shore in search of fish during the golden light. What a unique and mesmerizing sight!

Visitors will enjoy many photo-shooting corners with memorable props and fully take impressive shots.

It is surrounded by mysteriously beautiful limestone mountains of various sizes on this hill, with a backdrop of mangrove forests in the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

For those looking for a natural atmosphere at night, this is one of the most idyllic places not far from Phuket Island. The night sky is full of millions of stars sparkling exquisitely, and the Milky Way is breathtaking.

There is always a large crowd of nature enthusiasts during New Year’s Eve; come to join the countdown here, as the accommodation and camping grounds are usually packed for reason that they want to wake up to see the first light of the new year.

The Legend of The Origin of The Name Samed Nangshe

This village in the past had a monk who resided at Khao Phra At Tao and one at Khao Phra At Num, and there is a nun’s residence in the area not far from the viewpoint. The nuns used the canal to walk to meet each other. During the walk, they always folded the cloth, so it did not get wet. That is the origin of the place’s name, Samet Nangshe.

Development as A Tourist Attraction

Private landowners have seen the potential of this area and developed it into a viewpoint to see the beauty of nature in Phang Nga Bay. By improving the location and opening it as a tourist attraction, and soon after someone posted the picture on social media, people began to flow in and become famous worldwide.

Activities To Do in Samet Nangshe

Watching the sunrise and sunset, camping, viewing the islands in Phang Nga Bay, taking photos, and watching the stars at night.
Going up to Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Two View Points: Can Come All Year Round 

The first viewpoint, located at the highest peak, at a distance of 500 meters, offers a 180-degree wide-angle view. Visitors must use a pickup truck from the parking area upwards, or if you want to exercise, you can walk up to the top. There is a small accommodation, Samed Nangshe Resort, and bathrooms are available with food and beverage outlets.

The second viewpoint, located 300 meters from the ground, offers the scenery view closer and is about 300 meters before reaching the highest one. It has a famous resort, Samed Nangshe Boutique, Bay View Café, an area for tents, with a shuttle service for check-in guests. There is also another private camping site nearby.

Rules for All Tourists (to maintain the place to be beautiful and neat)

– Do not drive up to the viewpoint;
– You are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages;
– Do not throw rubbish;
– Do not make noise in the viewpoint area.

Other Tourist Attractions Nearby

(which will take about 10-15 minutes from the car park)

– Toh Li Bay Viewpoint;
– Ban Hin Rom Pier;
– Thale Waek Ban Hin Rom;
– Klong Khian Pier.

Accommodation near Samet Nangshe

If you’d like to find a place to stay near Samet Nangshe, we’d recommend coming to Natai Beach (Khok Kloi), located in the middle of the route from Phuket to the viewpoint. Natai Beach is only 26 kilometers away from your magical sunrise destination.

At Natai Beach’s area, you would find many types of accommodations, whether beachfront pool villas, luxury holiday homes, 3-5 star resorts, boutique hotels, and guesthouses.

Getting to Samet Nangshe Viewpoint from Phuket Airport

Heading to Takua Thung District (Phang Nga Province) by crossing the Sarasin Bridge into Khok Kloi Sub-district, then enter the path Ban Tha Yu – Khlong Khian and go to Hin Rom Village, which is in Khlong Khian Subdistrict.

After reaching the village, go to the parking lot on the way up to the famous viewpoint. It is only 42 kilometers from Phuket International Airport.