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Natai Pier (Natai Bridge)

Natai Pier (Natai Bridge), a cement bridge that stands out in the Andaman Sea, is a public place that is a famous landmark of Ban Natai. Located in Baan Natai, Khok Kloy, Takua Thung district, Phang Nga Province —  just 15 mins drive from Sarasin Bridge Phuket and 27 mins Phuket International Airport.

Under the bridge is a diving point to see the beautiful and unique underwater world. And on land is also a prominent place to watch the romantic sunset of Phang Nga Province.

The Natai Bridge is also a fishing spot everyone wants to visit once. Because under the bridge is the habitat of abundant sea fish. During Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, locals and fishermen often come here throughout the day.

The area under this bridge is also suitable for scuba diving enthusiasts, about 5 – 9 meters deep, to see the beauty of Andaman.

The water here is beautiful and clear without going as far as the island. You will find it fantastic and unique, with hundreds of thousands of fish swimming around. This evidence shows that the Natai Seas’ natural and marine ecosystems are still rich.

There are barracuda, lionfish, sea gourami, puffer fish, coral reefs, moray eels, pipe fish, angelfish, butterfly stingray, long-finned fish, snapper, stingray, 7-colored lobster, sea slugs, blue crabs, and many more.

Before reaching the Pier, there is a small restaurant under the shadow of trees if you need shelter in the shade from the sunshine. It is easy for those who come here to find free parking spaces for cars and motorbikes.

In the late afternoon, locals often bring home-cooked food fresh from fishing boats that have returned to sea for affordable prices. The raw materials are shrimp, shellfish, crab, and fish, making it another essential selling point of Natai Pier. Ones can see some vendors and merchants stop at the food carts in the empty area.

The sunset atmosphere garden is the highlight here. Because each day, the sky and the sun are different. Anyone who has come here will not be disappointed as it is a 360-degree view of the Andaman Sea skyline if standing in the middle of the bridge.

At the seaside of this Natai Pier, enjoy the mood as you can take a walk and appreciate the sea breeze, sit and sip a cold drink, or find a chic corner to take photos in the cool air. All attract local and foreign people to visit.

If anyone comes to Baan Natai village but hasn’t come to Natai Bridge yet, it shows that you have not arrived at Ban Na Tai well.