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Natai Beach Phuket

Natai Beach Phuket

Natai Beach Phuket, the hidden gem on the Andaman coastline, is one of the most beautiful seasides in the south of Thailand. The quality beach with elegance, a unique and exclusive location district in the cute and charming community of Khok Kloi.

Located in Baan Natai Village in Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province, Natai Beach is just about 20 minutes from Phuket Airport and not far from Samet Nangshe Viewpoint (One of the most famous sunrise viewpoints in the land of smiles).

The pristine 10-kilometer-long beach is home to private luxury villas and one of the country’s high-end resort destinations. Perfect for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of cities like Phuket or Bangkok.

It sets amidst an environment that is still natural and pollution free from noise. The life of the people here is simple, not rushed, kind-hearted, and friendly to help others. Coming to the beach of Baan Natai is like having your beach because, at times, you can be the only person walking on the waterfront most of the time.

Many dubbed this “Millionaire Beachfront” as the jewel of Phang Nga Province. The atmosphere is suitable for holiday retreats and weekend relaxation. The typical day is quiet; the weather is excellent, and the Thai food in local restaurants is delicious.

The Natai sea sets amid a complete marine ecosystem; even the gooseberry turtles live and lay their eggs, and nature remains pure.

On a sunny day, you can admire the sea and the Andaman skyline as far as the eye can see, and almost nothing is blocking it.

The beach is wide and stretches as far as the eye can see. and provide an atmosphere of privacy, still pristine, clean white beach and fine sand. The water is beautiful and clear, like turquoise crystals, especially on a clear day; no matter how far you walk into the sea, you can still see your feet underwater.

Natai Beach is ideal for those who love to be in an environment that maintains the natural beauty and charm of the local way of life. The mainland is shady with coconut groves, while the coastline faces west. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature, and feel the aura of indigenous culture.

Fishing boats line this pure sandy beach and connect to many other ones. This seawater is mainly rock-free and suitable for people who like to swim. There are coral reefs, habitats for many marine animals, and a nesting area for sea turtles. It is also a favorite place for people who like to snorkel.

During the high season of the Andaman, the sea will be calm and smooth; ones can see giant yachts and cruises floating in the surrounding waters.

The Natai Neighborhood is a boutique hideaway hub by the sea with many signature hotels, including 5-star resorts ready to provide top-level service. The accommodation for the average tourist ranges from 3 stars to 5 stars. High-end private pool villas are also available for holiday rental, and most luxury properties are on the beachfront. Guests who want to experience the lifestyle can stay at the guesthouse because most of the owners are local and can give you a special offer with a lifetime experience.

The residents of Phang Nga Province and northern Phuket — particularly ex-pats who want to be close to nature know the Natai Sea very well. It is a quiet, private, simple lifestyle in luxury to escape the monotony and the hustle and bustle of life in a big city with an opportunity to explore nature in a fascinating culture.

The locals are lovely, kind-hearted, smiling, and friendly. Ban Natai is safe because it is not far from Khok Kloi Police Station, Takua Thung Hospital, and other essential government places.

Ones can enjoy water activities, including Swimming or snorkeling, because the waves in this area are not very big, especially during the high season. You will have the opportunity to see numerous beautiful sea fish.

Popular activities in Natai Beach are cycling, yoga, sunbathing, spa massage, meditation, beach running, beach walks, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, Swimming, snorkeling, picnic, honeymoon, wedding, BBQ parties, and watching the sunset.

Moreover, you can chill out at a beach club and sip a cool drink by the pool at your private pool villa.

Dine at a restaurant by the sea and go to buy ingredients for cooking at a small fruit shop, or head to the fishing port to buy fresh fish to cook from the local villagers.

It is a good idea to take a photo with the Natai Bridge or even spend the night at a resort listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the calm shores of the beach.

The best time to arrive here is in the early morning and late afternoon. Na Tai Bridge, the most famous landmark, is a fishing port with a marina with beautiful sea views. It is a long bridge stretching out into the sea and is a prominent place in Na Tai Village. There is a parking area where villagers usually come to fish. And there are small shops of locals selling food and drinks at friendship prices.

For facilities, there are motorcycle and car rental shops and thaifood restaurants, including a Michelin-star restaurant on the beach. It is relatively safe as it is in the Baan Na Tai community.

In addition to Natai Beach Land for Sale advertising banners on the roadside, there are some big commercial real estate projects and the new concrete road with four traffic lanes.

Anyone who comes to Takua Thung District has not yet come to see Natai Beach; you may not have arrived at Takua Thung yet. Visitors can check in and feel the cool breeze by the sea at the Natai Pier area, which is easy to reach and not far from the Khok Kloi’s downtown.

Getting to Natai Beach

Suitable for those with a personal vehicle; however, many come here by taxi, van, or public transportation from Phuket and nearby provinces.

For traveling from Phuket, You drive across the Si Sunthon Bridge. (The outbound bridge from Phuket Island that is parallel to Thep Kasattri Bridge) heading to Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province, for another 4 kilometers, you will notice a three-way intersection before reaching 7-11 convenience stores. Branch, turn left into Khao Pi Lai Village, pass a palm plantation, and soon you will get to the Natai village community. Along the way, you will see coconut groves and green trees that provide shade. Continue driving until the intersection of Soi Andaman 1. Turn left to enter the beach area near Natai Bridge, which has space for parking