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Khok Kloi Town – Phang Nga, Thailand

Klok Kloi Town - Phang Nga, Thailand

Khok Kloi, the closest town to Phuket Island, is on the Andaman coast in Phang Nga Province. It is charming and unique, with beautiful beaches that stretch continuously for about 10 kilometers.

This cute little town has the most economic prosperity in Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province. An expandable city plan, coupled with the location adjacent to the main highway, makes it easy for transportation and travel. Therefore, it can potentially support tourism and communication in the Andaman region for further development.

The Khok Kloi is calm and easy access for those who love nature, not far from Phuket International Airport, which is only 25 minutes by car.
Khok Kloi sub-district has exciting attractions such as Natai Beach Phuket, Khao Pilai Beach, Snorkeling point to see the underwater world (Natai Bridge), Nun Beach (Sarasin Bridge), Ban Khao Pi Lai Community (Hin Nok Island, Hin Rot Fai, La To Bay, Hin Tao Bay), and Bang Khwan Beach.

Moreover, ones can explore a 360-Degree Andaman Viewpoint Waterpark, Tha Sai Temple, Wat Khao Waterfall, Phu Pha Sawan Waterfall, The Adventure Mountain Club, Tha Taeng Pond, Bo Dan Beach, Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs, and Nern Khao View Talay (restaurant and viewpoint).

Living in Khok Kloi, Phang Nga

Living in Khok Kloi as an ex-pat family has many benefits; the town offers the most facilities in Takua Thung District, such as luxury beachfront villas with private pools, beach clubs, spas, boutique hotels and resorts, and guesthouses.

Furthermore, residents can find Lotus Express, 7-11 convenience store, passenger bus station, beach restaurants, restaurants with live music, beach massage, catering services, coffee shops, commercial banks, car showroom, logistic services throughout Thailand, Real estate brokerage services, house for rent, bicycle tour service, community tourism service, supermarkets, fresh market, flea market, shops, clinics, pharmacies, auto repair shops, motorcycle repair shop, gas station, mobile phone shop, computer shop, car and motorbike rental service, taxi service to Phuket Airport (including various beach districts in Phuket), souvenir shops. The downtown area of Khok Kloi is suitable for trading.

Khok Kloi is one of the seven sub-districts of Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province. Most of the terrain is coastal plains of the Andaman Sea with some hills.

The majority of the population’s main occupation is gardening/farming; additional fields: animal husbandry, coastal fishery, trading, raising black tiger shrimp, and raising baby black tiger shrimp.

Many people can speak English well with foreigners, especially those working and living in the Natai Beach area. They could help you with the local Thai style and guide you like AP Natai, the pioneer on the beach since 2005.

Location of Khok Kloi

North adjacent to Na Toei Subdistrict, Thai Mueang District, Phang Nga Province;
East connects to Tambon Lo Yung, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province;
South connects to Mai Khao Subdistrict, Thalang District, Phuket Province;
West connects to the Andaman Sea.
Most areas are suitable for agriculture, with abundant rainfall throughout the year; therefore ideal for planting palm trees, rubber plantations, and various fruit orchards such as mangosteen, durian, etc. In addition, some crops are grown for consumption.

The west coast area is a rich mangrove forest suitable for a coastal fishery. Khok Kloy has medium and small industrial manufacturing factories; some household industries include making sweets for distribution to local and neighboring provinces. There is a drinking water factory.

Topography and Climate

The north and east are mountainous terrains and rubber plantations. The area has a low slope to the west and south. It is next to the Andaman Sea, which has beautiful beaches suitable for tourism. On the south side, there are several routes to Phang Nga Bay. which is not far.

Khok Kloy is located near the Andaman Sea. Monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean have influenced it for several months, with rain almost all year round.

The climate is hot and humid, the highest temperature is about 38 degrees, and the lowest is 23 degrees, with an estimated rainfall of 230 mm. This region has two seasons: the rainy season from May to October and summer around December to May.

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation route in the Khok Kloy sub-district will be used as a car route. Especially in Khok Kloy’s Municipality, traffic is quite dense because Petchkasem Road is the main road. It is a route through essential provinces such as Phuket, Krabi, Ranong, and Surat Thani.