Services and Staffing

Along with significant growth of private villa development in Natai especially within the last 5 years, AP-Natai has been established to offer its services in maintaining private villas on behalf of off-shore residing villa owners. AP-Natai has been quite successful in making its clients happy for proper maintenance of their villas while they were away.

Our villa management service helps you to avoid the usual pitfalls and difficulties of running a property here while also safeguarding the value of your asset. We are able to take care of every aspect of running your villa, from hiring and training staff to paying the bills and cleaning.

AP-Natai is a company located in Natai in order to serve and assist Natai properties, at any time requested, by providing reliable short and long term insured services to owners who care about their properties and can’t stay long enough to follow up or maintain their project. AP-Natai also provides technical surveys to insure that investors’ assets are kept in a good condition.

As for the clients who don’t wish to have permanent employees for specific tasks such as A/C maintenance or gardening or repairing, AP-Natai offers complete maintenance and renovation work services according to specific needs. From carpentry work, masonry work, piping, waterproofing work and other.  We cover a global service of renovation or “troubles to be resolved” in order to assist our clients as best as possible.