Villa Marketing & Rental

Our core objective is to meet the aims of the property owner; usually this is to maximise revenue and increase the value of the property, through driving occupancy and rental yield but at the same time respecting the fact a villa is typically the owner’s holiday home. To achieve this, our services fall into three stages: building the villa brand and marketing collateral, distributing information about the villa worldwide and then handling all aspect of reservations on behalf of the owner.

In a market where there are a growing number of villas and increased competition for guests it is essential that a villa presents itself professionally, both to those searching for a villa and to guests during their stay. Our website showcases the villa through sublime photography and professional editorial content, detailed floor plans and maps. Our aim is to make the properties we market stand out from the crowd thus pushing up occupancies and yields.

We handle all day-to-day reservation processes professionally and in a timely manner both via telephone and internet using our exclusive myNatai software system. This includes managing financial transactions related to rental payments with regular reporting and remittance to owners. Strategic price positioning advice, real time availability calendars and airport transfers are just some of the services we offer to our client villas.

In addition we provide professional guest relations officers to meet and introduce guests to their selected villa and its staff, handle pre-arrival arrangements and special requests, elicit feedback and liaise with villa staff, and take care of them during their stay.