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Villa Viva – Visited by a few informed luxury travellers, this is a quiet and private pleasure in an elite part of Thailand. Boasting some of the best beaches and coastlines in the region this is becoming a popular destination for those in the know.

With kilometres of endless beaches, fringed with trees and rainforest scenery in the background, this is the ideal getaway, to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate.

The villa has a gated entrance which immediately announces to your senses that you have arrived at a place of sophisticated, tropical pleasure.


6 Beds


6 Baths

Private Pool

Private Pool

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet

Private car park

Private car park


The villa has two chefs to delight each mealtime with eloquent cuisine.

There are two kitchens, a fully fitted western designed kitchen and also a Thai kitchen. There is also a barbecue area in an enormous white tent by the beach to add a touch of luxury in these fabulous surroundings.

Multi-course menus are available with a wide variety to choose from including Asian and European dishes. A good wine selection is available for both red and white wines.

The Bedrooms

Villa Viva has four bedroom suites set in four poolside pavilions. Each has a lavish, glittering black bathroom, with a romantic outdoor terrazzo bath.

There is also a two bedroom guesthouse that looks into a small courtyard.

Each villa has a massage bed for massage or spa services that can be arranged.

Swimming Pool

There is an elegant 25 meter infinity edged swimming pool, lined with black tiles. The water gentle cascades over into a second pool below, which is accompanied by two Jacuzzis and a view of the endless ocean beyond.

Villa Facility List

  • Two swimming pools
  • Library and video room to relax or entertain
  • Fully equipped gym room
  • Beachfront cabana with barbecue


  • On site villa manager
  • One head chef and one sous-chef
  • Three maids
  • Two service staff
  • One security guard
  • A luxury van and driver is available when required