Natai Beach offers privacy, tranquility and un-spoilt beauty. Enjoy long walks on a pristine beach, beautiful sunsets on the horizon and easy access to Phuket International Airport, popular sites and convenient shopping areas. As Phuket's beaches suffer from overdevelopment and overcrowing, beautiful Natai Beach still has the feeling of being on kilometers of natural, deserted beachfront. The best kept secret that is destined to develop into a luxurious haven for the rich and famous.

Natai beach, Phang Nga, just north of Phuket island is near to Phuket’s amenities — only 27km from the airport. There, in the making, is an area for quiet getaways amidst nature.

Natai Beach Phuket

An Exclusive Luxury Destination

Natai Beach is fast becoming the region’s "Hamptons". The area’s biggest draw are the 65 luxury homes with steps leading directly to the beach. Some are built, some are under construction. Interesting new properties include: Branko’s ultra sleek 4,000sqm bachelor pad complete with 130m of oceanfront and two golf holes; and the planned 3,500sqm residence that has a 100m pool set amidst 10 acres of landscaped gardens.

The Yacht Haven Marina - the main docking area for the region’s biggest boats, is very near to Natai. Recent boats plying the coast include Roman Abramovich’s Pelorus, Paul Allen’s Tatoosh and Samax - the Sultan of Brunei’s boating palace now owned by a G5 globe trotting property investor; all of which are more than 250ft with a bevy of toys, choppers and very large tenders.

A Quiet Hideaway Amidst Un-spoilt Nature

In the region of Natai, there are stunning waterfall parks for swimming and picnics situated along tropical rainforest trails. Rafting is a popular pastime on several fast-flowing rivers. The rainforest found in this Thai-Malay peninsular has one of the world’s most diverse eco-systems inhabited by rare birds and exotic plants, which are a common sight. The proximity of Natai Beach to the charming nearby Thai towns of Kok Kloi and Thai Muang makes shopping easy and offers an opportunity to learn about traditional Thai culture.

Further North at Thap Lamu, boats leave the pier for tours and dive trips to the spectacular Similan Islands Marine National Park that is world famous for its coral reefs and island landscapes. Day activites include: snorkelling, diving or discovering the island beaches; the Similans (as known by the locals) are a dream destination for daytrips or camping.

To the North East is Khao Sok National Park. The freshwater Cheow Lan Lake in the area offers a contrast to the sea and sun. The cool mountain heights of Khao Sok are home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including hornbills, tigers, macaque monkeys and rafleasia kerri — the world’s largest flower.

Heading east from the sanctuary of Natai Beach, Krabi province is a nature lover’s paradise. Situated on the eastern basin of Phang Nga Bay, the region is just an hour’s drive from Natai and the natural attractions are endless. The drive is a ride through a landscape of majestic towering karst (limestone) cliffs creating a breathtaking sight. Krabi also has its share of national parks, island getaways, trendy resorts, restaurants and cafés.