About AP-Natai

AP-Natai was created 4 years ago under the name of Assist Properties with the intention of offering assistance and services to the villas developing along Natai beach. We offer a wide range of services to several villa owners, from full management to technical assistance, and provide confidential, professional collaboration to villa owners.

Proposing full solutions in construction, property, holiday and marketing rental, AP-Natai adapts its services to the owners’ preference of developing or maintaining their asset. Privacy and luxury of the villas are our top priority in order to welcome guests or the villa owners at all times.

AP-Natai guide line of work and business is your investment and its priority is to care for it as if it were its own. Daily, weekly and monthly planning activities will make sure that all properties are serviced with a high standard of professionalism, integrity and privacy. Supervision is crucial in achieving good results in an efficient way and AP-Natai has settled a good management team to ensure quality performance.

With our team based along Natai Beach, we can provide efficient and fast assistance to property matters. Any services that AP-Natai can't provide, we'll ensure to find the best specialist to come and handle the matter to its best.

At home or away, AP-Natai provides all needed and requested services to villa owners who care about their investment but are unable to physically take care of them while living or working abroad..