Project Presentation

Hideaway Natai project is an estate made of 15 pool villas located inland of Natai Beach, just 900 m away from the pristine beach of the “Millionaire Beach Front Villas”. To be executed in 2 phases: Construction phase 1 is for 9 villas. Upon completion of phase 1, construction phase 2 is for 6 villas.

Natai Beach has become known over the past 16 years as the high-end villa exclusive destination of Phuket. We can find villas from 1 to 20 million US$ in between some of the best 5 stars hotels and entertainment venues such as SAVA Villas Phuket, Santhiya Resort Natai, Baba Beach Club Natai, Aleenta Resort Phuket, Jivana Beach Villas, to name a few.

Hideaway Natai is the first high-end inland project located in Natai to offer quality European standard villas for foreigners interested in investing in a property located far away from the crowd but still close to Phuket International Airport and Phuket’s vibey night life activities but most of all, a few steps away from an uncrowded, white, endless sandy beach.

Hideaway Natai’s concept permits one to stay in a secure estate with 24-hour CCTV security and travel abroad knowing that one’s assets are protected. Whether at home or working abroad, one can rest assured that family will be safe to peacefully enjoy their time at home.

From an investment point of view, Hideaway Natai has potential rental value to cover the yearly maintenance expenses but also return on investment. Expat managers from the 5-star hotels nearby require a secure, comfortable place to live not far from the hotels. The tourism industry is also a good potential market for income for those wanting to stay 6 months in their villa and rent their villas out for the remaining 6 months.

“The first high-end inland project in Natai”


Natai area is constantly developing and is forecasted to become the most developed area in Phang Nga within the next 10 years, including the new airport project (10 km away from Hideaway Natai), which ensures that owners’ return on investment after 10 years will likely be double or more...

Hideaway Natai’s design is based on a low maintenance cost using suitable materials to fit the tropical environment of Phuket. Using Bitumen waterproofing system for all flat roofs with a 20-year warranty. German quality extruded aluminium frame windows with high quality soundproof insulation. PPR infrastructural water systems to ensure no leakage issues on pressured pipeline. Hard tropical wooden doors and German quality fitting equipment.

Frame light and airy style, with natural air flow through the spacious bedrooms, dining and living areas inviting nature to your living space. The 2 guest en-suite bedrooms have their own outdoor living area and direct access to the pool and jacuzzi.

The master bedroom, located on the first floor, 32 m2 liveable with an en-suite bathroom of 24 m2 and private balcony giving access to an open space of the guest bedroom flat roof, with a total of 156 m2, which can be used as a sundeck for sunbathing or a perfect place to install solar panels to decrease the electricity cost for those who would like to turn the building into an eco-friendly and self-efficient house.

“Just a walk away from the Natai's pristine beach”


The lay out of the villas ensure privacy from one another, giving freedom to the owner to enjoy his privacy on the first floor while guests enjoy the ground floor living, terrace deck and pool.

Hideaway Natai’s design allows for preferences to your own living style. All bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning and all windows and glass doors include mosquito nets, all ceiling lights are LED day and warm light, giving the owner the choice depending on his mood and the weather...

One main access road with security gate giving access to all the villas, with a round-about at the end to easily make a U-turn, including a common parking for guests to park their cars, located next to the estate’s natural well and its common pump room supply.

VILLA selling price :

Starting from 17 Million Baht

Download Plan - Hideaway Natai

All villas indoor space and terrace are similar for all villas, the land area is different for each villa, and so is the price.

Villa 1 Land plot 536 m2
Villa 2 Land plot 620 m2
Villa 3 Land Plot 516 m2
Villa 4 Land plot 588 m2
Villa 5 Land plot 520 m2
Villa 6 Land plot 596 m2
Villa 7 Land plot 524 m2
Villa 8 Land plot 604 m2

Price includes: -In-built furniture for sanitary and kitchen, pool equipment
- All electrical equipment and appliances, DB, JB, switch, outlet and lights equipment
- All finishing material for floors, ceilings, walls, doors, windows, A/C

Not included: -Furniture (optional around 1,000,000 THB)
Construction duration: 10 to 12 months

Terms of payment:

1 30% upon confirmation of order
2 15% upon infrastructure completion
3 20% upon structural completion
4 15% upon architectural completion
5 15% upon finishing work completion
6 5% 1 year after completion

Architectural and Interior outline specification


  • Living /Dining Area; Pantry Homogeneous ceramic tiles
  • Master bedroom: Compound wood
  • Guest bedroom: Homogeneous ceramic tiles
  • Bathroom: Homogeneous anti slip tiles
  • Terrace: Tiles and Wood plastic composite


  • Lighting fixture: LED / energy saving fixture
  • Air conditioning: Concealed type
  • Curtain: Roller blind
  • Appliances: Imported appliances
  • Kitchen: Imported Kitchen
  • Swimming pool: Balinese stone and black granit
  • Electrical equipment: Siemens / Bitticcino
  • Flat roof waterproofing: Bitumen pad layer cover


  • Exterior: Skimcoat finishing, weathershield paint
  • Interior: Skimcoat finishing, ultra clean paint


  • Exterior: Viva board / waterproof Gypsum board
  • Interior: Gypsum board grade AA


  • Entrance door: Hard tropical wood
  • Door and window: Aluminum / Sunparadise brand
  • Interior door: Reinforced plywood laminate
  • Door frame: Hard tropical wood treated


  • Top counter: Imported stone
  • Sanitary ware & fittings: Kohler / Toto
  • Shower wall: frame less glass 10mm

-Villa building dimension-

Total land surface 516 to 620 m2
Outside Planter 13.86 m2
Pump room 9.18 m2
Swimming pool 45.9 m2
Pool deck 54.2 m2
Parking 48.45 m2
Terrace + Thai kitchen 17.1 m2
Battery storage 3.13 m2
Automobile Equ. Store 1.88 m2
Garden tool store 3 m2
TOTAL 182.84 m2
Total SWP volume 125 m3
Total Surge tank volume 25 m3
Total water tank volume 2,000 L
1st floor Living/dining area Surface 75.18 m2
Bedroom 1 Surface 22.73 m2
Bathroom 1 surface 6.5 m2
Bedroom 2 Surface 20.5 m2
Bathroom 2 Surface 5.42 m2
Powder room 3.75 m2
Maid bedroom 11.52 m2
Maid toilet 3.31 m2
Laundry room 5.58 m2
Utility room 5 m2
TOTAL 160.92 m2
2nd floor Master bedroom 31.36 m2
Bathroom 23.13 m2
Balcony 32.75 m2
TOTAL 87.24 m2
Roof surface Guest Bedroom roof slab 156.11 m2
Pump room roof slab 9.18 m2
Maid roof 43.46 m2
Main roof 180 m2
TOTAL 388 m2



Hideway Project is developed by Assist Properties Co., Ltd, present in Natai since 2005.

Assist properties Co., Ltd offer management services for several villas along the beach and will insure the Hideway management estate until all Villas are sold, further on, a common “Hideway owners” company will be created with all owners as shareholders which will permit them to owned the Common area title and handle the management if desire.


Buying land or a house in Thailand is attractive for investment or business reasons in addition to lifestyle, residence or retirement purposes. Foreigners are restricted in that they are not allowed to buy the land freehold (similar to other Asian and some European countries). However, thousands of foreigners do effectively “own” properties in Thailand with no issue. Bear in mind that foreigners are able to directly own the buildings and other property on the land.

Land lease

Thailand law allows non-Thai citizens a 30-year maximum lease period for the land, with the possibility of renewing the lease for an additional period of 30 years. Most developers (including us) offer one more 30-year period, so in total 90 years. Possession of the land is assured by the fact that the property (a house) occupies the land. The lessor can hardly seize the house upon expiration of the lease, as the property is separate from the land.

Freehold ownership

Limited companies registered in Thailand with a majority Thai ownership (51% or more) are able to buy land in Thailand, meaning the land is owned by the company. Not the individual. It has been common for foreign nationals to acquire Thai houses as minority shareholders (but with majority of votes) in a Thai majority company.

However, government officials tend to consider this option as a nominee purchase (and thus illegal) unless the foreigner has a legitimate Thai business partner to buy a plot of land and arrange business under the name of the company. Generally, we would not recommend this structure BUT we could arrange it on a case-by-case basis.

Our development offers alternative options to the leasehold scheme with the objective of ensuring that the house buyer’s investment is absolutely safe. Renewal by transfer option. Prior to the expiration of your lease you could “resell” your land to a family member, we then renew the lease for another 90 years – for free! Purchase shares (proportional to your land size) in a Thai limited company which owns the development land. You thus become a co-owner of the land and you are leasing your land plot from yourself.

At the completion of the development you could opt to develop a “Home Owners’ Association”. This body could be nominated as the management company for the land and the common areas.

This ensures that the house owners are managing the development themselves, in their best interest. Were the law to change and allow freehold land ownership, we offer an option to convert a lease hold into a freehold.

Download Plan - Hideaway Natai